Sunday, May 9, 2010


I already forget when is the last date I update this blog. It seem that I almost forget about this.

1 year at Kampar earn me many experience. I learned how to observe a person(whether he/she is good or bad), know many friends and the most important is I had grown up and become more matured.

1 year ago, I was divided into TD7 and "lucky" being choose to be the classrep. Now, TD7 was dismissed, all members will have to choose their path either to Setapar or stay here.

Holiday that last for 1 month has arrived, but I fill little bit boring. What am I going to do in this holiday? Revise my MM1, keep fit?

Well, much of my friends have leave Menglembu and find their glory path outside the wide world. Ji Kuan will be leaving this week, but lucky that Xiao Qiao and Kit Yin will be back before I start my new sem.

To all my beloved friends that i known during UTAR, hope you find yours path.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Kit Yin

Sorry because I greet you so late since I am busy with my assingment.

When you back from Sabah, I will buy yu a present.

I will let Xiao Qiao plan a trip for you for celebrating your birthday.

So be happy at Sabah and remember to come back oh....

Happy Birthday to you Yin

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Small Gathering

Yesterday I when to secondary school with ah qiao. Together with us is Lee Yee and Kean Chew. Ah Kok was suprisingly at there too.

After taking my spm cert, we went to see marching practise of librilian team. Second time I vomit blood again afte seeing their performance. 3 more weeks till the sport day but they still not serious although being scold by ah Bi.

Hope there will be a big improvement when I return to school at 9/4/10.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My holiday during CNY

I still remember that one day before the exam end, my father got heart attack. Because of this, I was worried.

During the holiday, I had to take up my father chores. I believe that most of my classmate will slept till 8 am or later than 8. Guess what time I had to wake up? Is 6 o'clcok in the morning and is everyday.

After clean up, I had to pray to the god, dry up the cloth, then go to jogging(keep fit mah). In the evening, I still need to wash the cloth, dish and so on.

This is the most tired holiday I had in my whole life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy memory

Two day ago is my happiest day in feb. I still remember the taste of the steambot and wish to eat again.

If I not having a diet, I may had eat more than what I ate yesterday. Unfortunately, there is not crab for me to eat. I also being forced to eat all the excess prawn by 4 girls. Haiz!

What made me suprise at that day is not the change is hairstyle of kit yin and ji kuan, but is the change in chew yin.

When I stood in front of her, I just feel that the chew yin that I knew did not exist anymore. I could feel the changes from the way she spoke to the chracter she potrayed.

Anyway, is a good memory for me having gathering with my friends. Still, it will be better if lee yee and the other joined us.

Cheers my friends and a Gong Xi Fa Chai to you all.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A confuse day

Only about 9 hours I will have my second trimester final exam. Still sitting in front of laptop to do the revision. To many things to memorise about public speaking.

Yesterday, I and the other 1188 members when to east ocean to celebrate birthday for two members since their birthday is on the examination day. I feel very enkoy at the beginning but unfortunately it ends with sadness and angryness with me.

Did I be to kind to all beside me? Did I look so weak so that everyone can torture me and treat me like clown? No, I won't let that happen!!!

First, I was tagged as the smallest cake but that is not what I up set about. What I care is why everybody is tagged in plate while I the one that left outside the table. This make me feel that I was being exclude from the group. It is better to remove the tagged is this was to continue.

Second, another stupid guy that do not understand english and mandarin call me "boonecaep". Please do not make fun of people name although peace is only my nickname. What will you feel if someone change your name to those your hate.

We human were born with strengthness and weekness. Not everyone is perfect so do not criticize those that are weaker than you. All of us have different characteristics and this make us unique.

I maybe a humerous and does not argue with those who make fun and joke of me. Still, I am a human being thus having the right to be angry if things go out of my limit.

Finally, an early happy birthday to ming zhi and bear goh.

Hope all who take the exam will pass with flying colour.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Study Week

Two weeks later will be my exam week. Panik!!! Last time exam result was not so good. Thus this time need to be more hardworking.

I plan to start my study tonight, hope nothing kacau me lah.

Tomorrow will be my sis orientation day. Need to accompany her since she is new. I also need to bring her friend with me since her friend dont know how to cycle. Pity me.

To all my beloved friends, work hard and study well since exam is coming.