Sunday, May 9, 2010


I already forget when is the last date I update this blog. It seem that I almost forget about this.

1 year at Kampar earn me many experience. I learned how to observe a person(whether he/she is good or bad), know many friends and the most important is I had grown up and become more matured.

1 year ago, I was divided into TD7 and "lucky" being choose to be the classrep. Now, TD7 was dismissed, all members will have to choose their path either to Setapar or stay here.

Holiday that last for 1 month has arrived, but I fill little bit boring. What am I going to do in this holiday? Revise my MM1, keep fit?

Well, much of my friends have leave Menglembu and find their glory path outside the wide world. Ji Kuan will be leaving this week, but lucky that Xiao Qiao and Kit Yin will be back before I start my new sem.

To all my beloved friends that i known during UTAR, hope you find yours path.

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